Entry #1

Animator vs Animation is done!

2007-11-27 21:01:53 by flame862

Please play on Atomfilms.com

Anyways, time for another project.
I want to make a game that looks like SHOCK2 by Terkoiz...That would also mean learning how to animate which I really want to do.

Or maybe I could team up with another animator and create another ownage flash game with really good graphics...


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2007-11-30 05:29:21

why didn't you put this on NG?

flame862 responds:

They've got exclusive rights...I get it onto here though.


2008-03-09 03:29:41

hey i heard about you on the description of animator vs. animation 2 ON newgrounds. part 1 is getting kind of old... did you even know its on newgrounds? i love it but part 1 is having to do with the game... did you drop out? it should have been out a month or two ago. their exclusive rights suck. noogai said it newgrounds doesn't HAVE exclusive rights on it anymore. only five year olds go on websites that have exclusive rights. meh.. im just eleven.


2008-03-09 03:50:19

oh yeah i like your space skirmish 2 and good luck to you with the game of animator vs. animation.


2008-03-09 04:06:36

sorry but the game wasn't so big since it wasnt on newgrounds and i didnt even know it came out. i could watch the two movies for an hour (especially the second one) and never get bored at all. but the game should be FORGOTTEN on atomfilms.com even though its a good website. trust me, the game on newgrounds would be a lot more popular. make a second game with noogai and release it on newgrounds.


2008-03-09 04:21:27

the special edition for the game is MUCH better than the original version! i think you should delete it off atomfilms.com and then put it on newgrounds so it will be a biiig hit.i also think you should make a part two of the game and a movie part 3 with noogai.

flame862 responds:

Haha ok. I should be able to get the game on here as soon as Alan comes back from his trip.


2008-07-05 07:03:45

So wait, is the AvA game taken off atomfilms yet?
And will it go on here?
If so can you make a downloadable version?
Still SWF though.