2008-03-23 18:16:39 by flame862

I am granting rights to complete this video to a colleague who is probably slightly retarded. He has a tendency to spaz out after 5 minutes of work and derives great entertainment from "American Idol". I am sure you will appreciate the new creative direction in which he will be taking my flash. He assures me that not too many characters will suffer deaths from lightning bolts and will most prominently focus on the invisible character, perhaps in multiple scenes fighting himself or an easily animated object such as a square or maybe even a circle, depending on the dosage of his medication. I have utmost faith in his ability to continue my creative legacy.

Animator vs Animation is done!

2007-11-27 21:01:53 by flame862

Please play on Atomfilms.com

Anyways, time for another project.
I want to make a game that looks like SHOCK2 by Terkoiz...That would also mean learning how to animate which I really want to do.

Or maybe I could team up with another animator and create another ownage flash game with really good graphics...